Be the Boss Style Coaching- Complimentary Inquiry

Be the Boss Style Coaching- Complimentary Inquiry


Revamp your personal style to live your unique aesthetic of luxury, beauty, and sophistication. 

I can help you achieve:

  • An aesthetic that makes a statement, but will stay in line with your identity
  • Command a room in a subtle but powerful way, confident and striking
  • A cohesive wardrobe that is complimentary to your body
  • A wardrobe with a modern silhouette, volume, and proportion that achieves the right amount of fashion forward newness with classic elegance
  • A sense of style that carries into the functionality of your lifestyle: working out, going out, professional, and fun.
  • Minimalistic strategies that will counter-intuitively blow your mind to achieve high end and varied looks.
  • Accessories magic
  • Color magic
  • Use of composition and design rules to dramatize any look, even leggings and sneakers.
  • Lifestyle in relationship to style
  • Fashion and interiors and how your interior can compliment your fashion
  • What does luxury actually mean, and how to achieve your own sense of luxury
  • Hair and make-up as a relationship to the overall look
  • Working with a color palette and accent colors
  • Design aesthetic mood boards
  • Communicating the message you want through your style
  • Appropriate styling for any occasion. From couch and netflix to a night at the Opera- you can be the most progressively fashionable.
  • Opening the doors to prints and textures
  • How to shop in alignment with your values and a high sense of taste

First inquiry is just to develop a sense of how I can best support you in elevating your style. Based on our consultation, I will outline a customized strategy to push you to your full potential of personal style.


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