Personal Styling for the Modern Boss.

Elevate your style

Revamp your personal style to live your unique aesthetic of luxury, beauty, and sophistication

Through individual consultation, Drea can help you achieve:

  • An aesthetic that makes a statement, but will stay in line with your identity
  • Command a room in a subtle but powerful way, confident and striking
  • A cohesive wardrobe that is complimentary to your body
  • A wardrobe with a modern silhouette, volume, and proportion that achieves the right amount of fashion forward newness with classic elegance
  • A sense of style that carries into the functionality of your lifestyle: working out, going out, professional, and fun.
  • Minimalistic strategies to achieve high end and varied looks.
  • Use of accessories, prints, textures, and color to add powerful detail to any look
  • How to achieve your own sense of luxury
  • Hair and make-up as a relationship to the overall look
  • Working with a color palette and accent colors
  • Design aesthetic mood boards
  • Communicating the message you want through your style
  • Appropriate styling for any occasion. 
  • How to shop in alignment with your values and a high sense of taste

Clients are saying:

"Andrea is a wonderfully talented designer and stylist. Her own designs are stunning and make great use of shape and silhouette. As a stylist, she can quickly narrow in on individual aesthetic and help you understand what elements to look for in new purchases. Her own fashion aesthetic is fashion forward and individual, while still looking classic. She has a great sense of tastefulness when it comes to styling and design!"

-Heidi M.

"Andrea was knowledgable and sweet! Gave me a lot to work with."

-Elaina S.

"Andrea was great! She's very knowledgeable and helpful."

-Lauren P.

"I have worked with Drea Faye in many capacities all of which have been incredible experiences. From working on style concept videos to modeling her original designs on the runway, working with Andrea is always a pleasure. Not only does she have an incredible eye, but she is constantly pushing boundaries in the fashion/design world and reimagining what it possible. Her technique and skill are impeccable when it comes to designing anything from dance costumes to menswear to couture and everything in between. In addition to the amazing work she has done in her career as a designer, she has worked with me on commission-based projects such as designing one of a kind costumes/pieces for events and is currently working to restore a vintage kimono that was my moms. In addition, she is a valuable contributor to the art scene in the Bay Area, constantly bringing artists of various mediums together for events and think tank-style workshops to find new and innovative ways of collaborating and elevating art and fashion to new levels. I highly recommend working with Andrea if you have the opportunity to, you will not be disappointed!"

-Rachael C.

Drea improved my personal style tremendously. She is very considerate, detailed and gave me eye opening information that was very personalized. She is very informed and an expert in fashion! I highly recommend her!

-Stonia S.

Modern style



Work with Drea to define your unique aesthetic and gain confidence in your own personal style. Become empowered with tools and knowledge you need to make informed, conscious purchase and styling choices. With expert guidance and direction, remodel your wardrobe to better align with your identity. Be an artist when it comes to your style. Express yourself confidently, in full alignment with your truest vision for your life.




Pull in methodology and cohesiveness to strengthen the modernity of your wardrobe. We will look at your wardrobe through the lense of fashion design principles to ensure that everything you have to wear represents you in the most powerful way possible.

modern personal branding


Brand Styling for Photoshoots 

Strengthen the image of your personal brand through expert, curated styling. Drea can develop custom or curated looks to match your messaging. Drea is a trained theatrics and beauty MUA, as well, so she can create comprehensive looks and provide insightful communication with the photographer regarding image composition and lighting. Another option is to utilize her private studio for the entire shoot which boasts a comfortable atmosphere, kitchen, and natural or controlled lighting depending on time of day. She is also able to provide photographer(s), additional MUA, and hair stylists from her network.

Drea's styling sensibility is the essence of individuality. Drea draws upon an impeccable eye for color, balance, composition, proportion, silhouette, volume, symmetry, and personality to bring clients into alignment with their truest identity. When you’re aligned with your true self, the unexpected beauty of the world truly emerges.