Hi! My name is Andrea Faye, and I am here to help you achieve exceptional style that is true to you. I COMBINE FASHION, INTERIORS, AND Art TO ASSIST YOU IN CREATING A SIGNATURE AESTHETIC. The result is you are the bossiest and most stylish everywhere you go.


What is luxury?

This was my burning question that lead me first to travel, and then ultimately, to earn my MFA in Fashion Design.

In school I learned concepts and technique to create high-end fashion designs. I was pushed past my limits, and I learned how to pick myself up and keep going despite doubt.

More importantly, I learned how to build an aesthetic. I learned how to explore and test boundaries. To learn and take chances, but stay true to my own instinct.

One day, I began applying this to my own wardrobe, and it became an obsession. Fueled from books on minimalism, organization, and curating. I coupled decluttering with design, and edited not only the contents of my wardrobe but over time, everything I owned.

Naturally, I began helping other people with curating their style- helping them to find their own signature, and educating them on the intricacies of fashion and design so that they could make more empowered choices.

The result when you find your style is that your whole world becomes filled with things you love, but not only that, things that are beautiful.

My passion is to help you understand your self-expression in an intricate way. To feel like yourself, to be an artist with your style, but still be modern and chic.

Thank you for finding my website! I hope to inspire you on your style journey.

In Luxury and Love,



Integrity and craftsmanship



Drea Faye is committed to a world of integrity and beauty.

Core Values:

  • make the world a better place through creativity and artistry

  • ethical manufacturing and production (current products all produced and made in San Francisco, CA)

  • continued research and innovation in sustainability

  • environmental and humanitarian considerations

  • attention to detail, quality, and care

  • strong application of technique and knowledge