drea faye

Andrea Faye is a San Francisco based entrepreneur and creative visionary. In addition to owning and operating the acclaimed Aspect Framing Studio and Art Gallery, she is also Chief Visionary of Drea Faye, a boutique styling service and fashion brand serving the Bay Area. Andrea is currently expanding the brand to offer a unique blend of luxurious and sustainable products with plans to scale globally.
Andrea’s design philosophy spans from her intensive, multidisciplinary background. While spending two decades of her life as an accomplished dancer and choreographer, Andrea completed her B.S. in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at the University of California, Santa Cruz followed by an MFA in Fashion Design at Academy of Art University. Everyday,  Andrea draws on her vast experience in science, technology, design, and dance to fuel her vision in creating work that is expressive, purposeful, and technical.

Andrea’s aesthetic sensibility pulls from different inspirations: historical references, avant-garde, art movements, cultural motifs, the underground, the mundane, and classic to modern. Conceptually and visually, she filters complex components through a minimalist lens to create something individual and sleek.
Fundamentally, Andrea is a passionate philanthropist and purpose-driven entrepreneur. Through a designers eye, she hopes to foster deeper connections between individuals and the world at large and heightened awareness of each individual’s unique resilience and intricate style. Her highest vision is to empower individuals to feel truly inspired about creating a beautiful world to live in.