Pre-sale! 7 Day Style Detox

Pre-sale! 7 Day Style Detox


Polish your style with this weeklong plan for editing and refining your wardrobe.

  • Declutter everything that needs to go

  • Arrange a new and chic layout for proper clothing care and items you love

  • Lifestyle based check-lists to ensure you have what you need, when you need it.

  • Healthy food recipes because beautiful style is inside and out

Plus much more!

This is a visual ebook designed to look beautiful and inform your fashion-sense simultaneously.

This is a pre-sale item. This ebook will be delivered directly to your inbox on September 17th.

Benefits to supporting the pre-sale include

  • A complimentary downloadable link to the 25 Day Personal Style Challenge pdf to help prepare you for the ebook, available only during the pre-sale.

  • Early access to the ebook

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