Drea Faye is a fashion brand and personal styling service catering to those that want to push their personal fashion style.

Drea combines an extensive knowledge and hands on experience in the fashion design and styling worlds to offer a comprehensive approach to next level style.


Design is the key to connect our thoughts and experiences to a tangible existence.

From three years old, Andrea was both a creative and a scientist. Her brain always worked in such a way that every single component had to be explored and understood, otherwise, she could not move forward. She completed her pre-med degree in cellular biology because she sought to understand the functionality of the world on every scale possible. 

However, she never felt complete in this avenue because she needed a way to translate her observations and inspiration. In design, the knowledge and visualization is only the starting point, and the result is something greater than what was ever initially imagined.

Drea Faye is formulated on the details of our world, both dark and light. Drea is about resilience defined as the strength that we all possess to find beauty in any circumstance. Beauty is revealed through new perspectives of isolation, dimension, color, geometry, and metaphysics. Meaning emerges through an awareness and commitment to sustainability and authenticity. We are our interpretations and finding those connections allows us to construct according to our true identity. Drea Faye pulls comprehensively from the modern world and finds continuity between the elegant, classic, posh, industrial, technical, edgy, fierce, and minimal.