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Drea Faye is luxury womenswear for the modern boss.


Drea Faye is formulated on the details of our world, both dark and light. Drea is about resilience defined as the strength that we all possess to find beauty in any circumstance. Beauty is revealed through new perspectives of isolation, dimension, color, geometry, and metaphysics. Meaning emerges through an awareness and commitment to sustainability and authenticity. We are our interpretations and finding those connections allows us to construct according to our true identity. Drea Faye pulls comprehensively from the modern world and finds continuity between the elegant, classic, posh, industrial, technical, edgy, fierce, and minimal.



Integrity and craftsmanship



Drea Faye is committed to a world of integrity and beauty.

Core Values:

  • ethical manufacturing and production (current products all produced and made in San Francisco, CA)

  • continued research and innovation in sustainability

  • focus on creativity and artistry

  • environmental and humanitarian considerations

  • attention to detail, quality, and care

  • strong application of technique and knowledge